What are the common myths about promotional products?

Promotional products are a huge hit among leading brands and businesses, and they cannot help but, sing high praises of promotional products. If you are not thoroughly familiar with the concept of promotional products then, you might have a scope of perceptions and misconceptions about the use of promotional products—few of them being the following:

They are ineffective for advertising purposes

It is commonly believed that the use of promotional products isn’t as effective as its other counterpart marketing mediums. Several researches have deduced that the use of promotional products is immensely effectively in comparison to other marketing mediums. For instance, a study determined that nearly 88% of the survey respondents were able to recall the name of the item that they had received for free. The huge turnover confirms that promotional products are indeed effective marketing tools, and businesses should use them adequately for achieving a number of business outcomes.

Promotional products are bank breakers

This misconception is so not true! There is a plethora of promotional products available on the market, and there is a range of price point amongst the products. However, it is important for any business to value the cost per impression gained from the promotional item rather than focusing on the cost per items. Promotional products, with longer longevity, are likely to garner a business more exposure in comparison to a disposable item.

It is also important to compare the cost of promotional items to other advertising mediums. For instance, a study conducted by Advertising Specialty Institute was able to garner the following cost per impressions:

  • Ads in national magazines: 1.8 pence
  • Newspaper ads: 0.7 pence
  • Promotional items: 0.6 pence
  • Prime-time TV ads: 1.8 pence
  • If we were to inspect further, the CPI for promotional products is comparatively lower than the CPI for other mediums.

    They are disposable and get thrown away

    Promotional items are definitely more than “trash and trinkets”, and they definitely allow a user to seek value and use from it in the long run. In a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International, nearly 90.4% of the respondents said that they own a promotional product that was given to them two years back. It means that the recipients of the promotional products do keep the products in their possession, and try to make the best use out of it as per their preferences.